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Website of Thomas Cool (politics & commerce, thought to be separable) / Thomas Colignatus (science) / Acapulco Jones (writing).


Thomas Cool

Candidate for President of the European Union

Political statement

Sociaal Liberaal Forum
(Politics, Dutch)

Samuel van Houten 
(Sciencific bureau of SLF, Dutch)


Thomas Colignatus

"Colignatus" is my preferred name in science since 2004
 to distinguish those activities
from my political and commercial activities

Publications on The Current Crisis

Publications in English

Publications in Dutch

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Since 2004:
An advice to boycott Holland

Science: Economics of the optimal order

Definition & Reality
in the General Theory of Political Economy

Common Sense:
Boycott Holland

The Political Economy 
of the Netherlands Antilles 
and the Future of the Caribbean
  Forum Theory  & 
A National Assembly of Science and Learning

The Tinbergen & Hueting Approach in the Economics of National Accounting and Ecological Survival


Science: Economics and education of mathematics

Elegance with Substance

Voting Theory for Democracy

The simple mathematics of Jesus

Science: Re-engineering mathematics and the education of mathematics

A Logic of Exceptions

Conquest of the Plane

A child wants nice and no mean numbers

Foundations of Mathematics.
A Neoclassical Approach to Infinity


Science: Other economics

Economics and Ethics

  • Main page
  • Case study Central Planning Bureau (Dutch: petitie
  • Case study Public Health (Dutch)
  • Case study Kosovo
  • Verkiezingen 2002 (Dutch)
  • Iraq: see Kosovo and candidacy
  • Economics and War & Peace
  •  Economics and 
    Public Health

    On the Value of Life

    Proper Definitions for 
    Uncertainty and Risk

    = -E[X; X < 0]

    On MathML,
    math on the internet

    and Math-x,
    prospects for a computer language

    Economics and
    the Environment

    Two extravagant ideas on global warming and cooling Holland

    Vervoer, Betuwelijn, binnenvaart (Dutch)

    Transport Science for Operations Management

    Science: Dutch: Wetenschap: Economie en onderwijs in wiskunde

    Integriteit in de wetenschap

  • CPB-kwestie (met petitie
  • Volksgezondheid
  • Wiskunde




    Democratie met en door Wetenschap

    Democratie & Staathuishoudkunde
    (2012, Dutch)
    De ontketende kiezer
    (2003, Dutch, opgenomen in 
    Democratie & Staathuishoudkunde

    Trias Politica & Centraal Planbureau
    (1994, Dutch)

    Medewerking aan
    Werkloosheid en armoede, de oplossing die werkt
    (1998, Dutch)

    Stichting HACC

    Een kind wil aardige 
    en geen gemene getallen

    De eenvoudige wiskunde van Jezus


    Thomas Cool Consultancy & Econometrics

    Privacy policy


    The Economics Pack

    Applications of Mathematica



     Literature / Literatuur
    (English / Dutch) 
    A bit on painting
    Laat D66 zich opheffen

    Festival van Ongehoorde Ideeën

    Zonder Professoren
    (door L. Kroondijk)

    Science Fiction

    Acapulco Jones

    Earth. Cuckoo in the Phoenix Nest

    Strandwandelingen in Science Fiction

    Kinderklaas en Narren·Piet


  • Curriculum vitae and extended résumé
  • Early bibliography (needs updating, actually)
  • Photograph
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