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1. Political Economy

Presenting a new macro-economic synthesis that integrates existing neoclassical economics with institutional economics, information theory and Public Choice theory, to arrive at a better explanation of poverty, unemployment, inflation and social welfare. This analysis includes novel results in dynamics, taxation and social choice theory.

The main book DRGTPE (2000, 2005, 2011) was written before the economic crisis of 2007+ but the 3rd edition contains abstracts of papers written on that crisis. Some papers on the crisis have been updated and collected in CSBH (2012). Not all papers on the crisis are in CSBH however, see the crisis 2007+ page.

1.1. Books

1.2. Papers

1.2.1. On the decision problem

1.2.2. On taxes, minimum wage and unemployment

1.2.3. On social welfare

1.2.4. On social welfare and multiple seats elections

1.2.5. On other angles

1.3. For the general public

2. Other Economics

2.1. Concepts

2.2. Software

2.3. Transport and logistics

2.4. Environment

2.5. Public Health

2.6. Money and finance

3. Other areas related to econometrics

What a mathematician might wish to know about my work, March 26 2013

3.1. Mathematical logic

3.2. Causality

3.3. Statistics

3.4. Mathematics and its education


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