The Economics Pack

Mathematica programs for economics
and practical decision support

Update 2020 available for Mathematica and higher as far as Mathematica is upward compatible.
Available for Windows 10 and it may work in Unix / Linux and Apple.

You can freely download the Pack, install it on your computer and investigate it.
To actually run the software, you can order your password.

NB. I am retiring in 2020 and The Economics Pack will now basically serve educational purposes.
See didactics and the re-engineering of education.

Thomas Cool (1999, 2001), "The Economics Pack. User Guide", ISBN 90-804774-1-9, ca 555 pp. (updated edition). JEL reference number is JEL 1999-0820.
(Journal of Economic Literature, volume 37, no. 3, September 1999).

The Pack provides a working environment that many will enjoy to have available.
It integrates more than 100 Mathematica packages and more than 1000 functions.
The Pack contains online help, a search index, 'click and paste' palettes, and additional exemplary notebooks.

The Pack has proven its use many times over. The software was written and adapted in the course of ongoing research, teaching and practical decision support since 1993. The Pack now has users in many countries in the world. 

The User Guide is no longer in print but available both in the Help function where it can be executed and in PDF here. The User Guide was written in 1999 for Mathematica 4.0. There have been minor changes and the User Guide still is a 96% relevant reference. Those minor changes have been made in the packages and the Help function. Sadly though it is too much of a hassle to keep updating the printed version.

Update notes

See my own research that was made possible by the Pack:


A. Single user licence (buying)
See ordering details.
B. Site licences (software rental)
See ordering details.
C. Bonus licences
D. Rules on free updates
Deliveries will be made only after payment has arrived.

For installation you need to be able to unpack zip formats (which can be handled by e.g. Winzip).

Note that your personal data, on acquiring the Pack, will be used only to contact you on the Pack (Privacy Statement).

Please note that the price is set low to increase volume potential. The low price does not mean that it has low quality. (See Shapiro & Varian, "Information Rules", Harvard Business Press 1998 for network economics.)

Licence Statement

The Economics Pack requires a licence.
See Wolfram Research or CANdiensten for information on Mathematica

The Economics Pack is (c) Thomas Cool
Please do not use lightly: tc-tc AT

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