The Economics Pack

(and related books)

Payment details

A. Single user licence (buying)
Type Price Description
Educational (student or teacher)
€ 39
Single user licence for the software only. Requires evidence. 
Order directly with me
User Guide book only
No longer in print. See the PDF.
€ 99
Single user licence for the software only. 
Order directly with me
PM. Related books    
€ 33
The book COTP. Order at American Book Center.  ( links back to here.)
€ 35
The book VTFD. Order at American Book Center.  ( links back to here.)
€ 33
The book ALOE. Order at American Book Center.  ( links back to here.)
€ 36
The book DRGTPE. Order at American Book Center

Book prices excl. shipment.

If there are books involved, you should use ABC, since they take care of printing and handling.
If software is involved, you can contact me with your $LicenseID so that I can email you your password. (See the installation.)

B. Site licences (software rental: order with me)
Rental per annum
€ 249
Per group of 50, software only
€ 349
Per group of 250, software only
€ 499
Per group of 1000, software only
C. Order with me
Ordering and paying the fast way: Use PayPal and send the amount to

Ordering and paying the slow way:

  1. To order: state clearly what you want.
    1. You may use email to contact me:
    2. If you don't use email, you can use normal mail to 

    3. Thomas Cool, Rotterdamsestraat 69, NL-2586 GH Scheveningen, Holland.
  2. To pay:
    1. Include in your mail either cash or an international postal money order or a cheque to my name.
    2. Alternatively, you can instruct your bank to pay to the foundation: Stichting HACC, bank account: BIC identifier INGBNL2A and IBAN NL38 INGB 0000 5477 74, and mention The Economics Pack on the subject line.

Deliveries will be made only after payment has arrived.

Please be aware that if you would order books via a book seller, there can be an additional margin for the distributers.

Also, for installation you need to be able to unpack zip formats.

Note that your personal data, on acquiring the Pack, will be used only to contact you on the Pack (Privacy Statement).