Help ! Kidnapped in Minecraft

A story about a wild adventure

January 2017, ISBN 9789463427579
Ages: 10 - 15 year olds
51 pages, in colour

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Young teenager Mike is gaming in Minecraft on Saturday as usual when he gets absorbed into the game. When his father tries to find him for doing his homework, Mike is gone. His mother searches the house and asks around and then calls the police. His father and elder brothers Sean and Thor set up a search party. They discover that the trail leads into Minecraft itself. They log into the game and search the family castle. From there they trace Mike to Villagers' Island. However, village raiders have kidnapped him and taken him into the desert. Mike's body clogs up the Minecraft servers, and all gamers have serious lag. The software team at Minecraft joins up with the engineers at the NASA Mars Mission to find a solution how to get Mike from the servers back into his human body. The President declares a National Emergency, to save electricity and internet capacity for the final rescue mission. For Mike the survival game has become an issue of life or death.

Acapulco Jones is the Science Fiction writing name of Thomas Cool, econometrician and teacher of mathematics in Scheveningen, Holland.


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