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1. Visitatiecommissie bezoekt CPB
Datum: 19970319 URL dd 19-03-1997: http://pep.postbus51.nl/cgi-bin/Webdriver?basnr=1184&MIval=pep_view. Afzender: Ministerie van Economische Zaken...
Preview http://newsbank.net/inp/1997/03/0319013.HTM - size 3K - 19-Mar-97 - Dutch

2. CPB - persbericht 1997/5
CPB - persbericht 1997/5
Preview http://www.cpb.nl/persber/9705.html - size 6K - 6-Nov-97 - Dutch

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Word count: Visitatiecommissie: 136; Barten: 1895; CPB: 37498
Ignored: 1997: 82160674

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