Review Committee CPB

The Hague, 5 September 1997
Subject: Your letter of 7 August

Dear Mr. Cool,
I have received your note (in English) of 7 August 1997 addressed to the CPB Review Committee and the accompanying documentation (in Dutch). The note has been sent on to the members of the Committee for consultation. The position of the Review Committee is as follows:

  1. The Review Committee is not a court of law or similar body. It has no special competence in matters of law and legal procedure. It refrains from expressing any opinion about the legal merits of your case.
  2. Your case goes back to events happening in 1990, if not earlier. The Committee concentrates its attention to more recent years. It has not seen any evidence of a case similar to yours in the recent past. It sees no reason to draw from your experience in the remote past general conclusions about the way CPB functions at present and about current working conditions at the Bureau.
Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Review Committee
Anton P. Barten