They hold us for fools

April 17 & 20 1999

Western top political leaders use a number of fallacies over and over again, trying to bullshit and brainwash the media and the general public. Three examples are: 

  1. Our prime ministers remind us: "Don't forget that it is Milosevic who is doing the ethnic cleansing. It may be that the bombing accelerated his doing so, but he was going to do it anyway, and the bombings are necessary to get him to stop."
    1. If you put your fingers in the wall socket, do you blame your injury to the power company ? Of course Milosevic is a criminal. But, you are the policy, and then you have your own responsibility of dealing with him and the situation. It is their error that things got out of control.
    2. Our prime ministers are dishonest, since they don't tell us - as they have been told by many - that you need ground forces to stop such ethnic cleansing. They dodge the issue and try to con us with a fallacy.
    3.  In Vietnam they were straightforward: "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."
  2. They say: "We were surprised by the extend of Milosevic's reaction."
    1. Have they not seen Bosnia ?
    2. Have critical observers not warned ? 
    3. Is there not talk in Germany on 'operation horse-shoe' documents ?
    4. Can't they put themselves in the mind of a criminal who wants to remain in power ?
    5. Were they surprised, or are the proper words that they are incompetent, and they don't want to admit it ? Why can't they say that they did not prepare for the contingency (likelihood), and that the unnecessary suffering and deaths thus are on their own account ?
  3. They say: "We cannot bring the refugees to our own country, since that would be exactly what Milosevic wants us to do."
    1. So they never do what Milosevic wants them to do. If he wants them to use an umbrella when it rains, they refuse to do that.
    2. Since when is the opinion of a crook the most important guideline for our policy for the well-being of Europeans ? Is it not more important that these people suffer terribly ?
    3. Again and again they give Milosevic reponsibility for the human disaster, but we already showed above, in the criminal/police discussion, that they got the situation out of control.
    4. Won't many Kosovars go back, once the mission has been successful? Or do our governments actually think that the mission will not be successful?
    5. Yes, the media might lose interest in the plight of the Kosovars after some months, and more likely so if they still are far away. But if they would be in our own country, the media would lose attention less easily: and is that another hidden idea of our politicians ?
But however they phrase it: Our prime ministers hold us for fools.

Thomas Cool 

Note: Perhaps we are fools. A recent 3 hour money collection event on Dutch TV for the victims of Kosovo had a result of $21 million. In the broadcast the Durch prime minister Wim Kok donated $1 million. The Dutch media were jubilant. However, as there are 15 million Dutch, the $21 million means about one pint of beer per Dutch(wo)man. A real treat. At the same time the Dutch contribute about $100 million, and this is going to be more, for the air raids. And later on the Dutch will of course pay for rebuilding, since they will discover that many Serbs were just victims of Milosevic.