Transport Science for Operations Management

First Edition, 2000, ISBN 90-804774-2-7


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TRANSPORT SCIENCE  discusses elementary physics and mechanical engineering for transport economists and operations managers. The discussion is at an undergraduate level and is supplemented with various examples from transport economics and operations management. In developing and using a transport system, both economists and engineers are needed. Their field of operation will overlap in some degree, but their interests will differ. If they want to co-operate effectively they must be able to communicate with each other - and to that end they must understand the possibilities and impossibilities of each other’s discipline.

“In our experience, students of our target population are best helped with clear definitions and numerical examples related to operational practice. So we have concentrated on these points.”

The book provides economists, and in particular operations managers, with a basic level of understanding of the physical and mechanical aspects of transport, both in the large (ocean ships) and in the small (such as inventory stacking).

Karel Drenth is an engineer and lecturer at the Technical University Delft (TUD), and also gives guest lectures at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and the Hogeschool voor Economische Studies Rotterdam (HES). He is involved in the design of transport equipment and in the development of new transport concepts. Work of his is used for example in the port of Rotterdam.

Thomas Cool is an econometrician who has worked at the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) and two Ministries (VROM and V&W), while he has been a consultant for the European Commission (EU). He currently combines consultancy with parttime teaching at the HES / International School of Economics Rotterdam (ISER). The discussion in this book can be combined with his Mathematica software, available on his website.

ISBN 90-804774-2-7
Published by Thomas Cool Consultancy & Econometrics

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