Forum Theory
A National Assembly of Science and Learning

2nd edition, July 5 2020, ISBN 978 94 03602752
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Forum Theory  &  A National Assembly of Science and Learning

Forum Theory suggests that Science and Learning are served by a National Assembly. Researchers can vote annually, while a National Academy may form a Senate. The Assembly improves governance, the forum itself, and research integrity.

Researchers in science and learning can simply create their National Assembly. They can set up a foundation, give rules of operation, recruit members, organise elections and have a constitutional meeting. With sufficiently large membership the operating costs can be covered. The next step is to show results.

Over time the National Parliament would accept the Assembly of Science and Learning. A Tessares Politica has the separation of powers of Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, and Epistemic branches of government. The current Trias Politica can be counterproductive. It requires extension with an Economic Supreme Court for economic policy and a National Assembly of Science and Learning for the much wider policy issues of our ever more complex society.

90% of the book shows how research is abused in education, theory of democracy, climate change, population growth, Greek statistics, Dutch economics and national accounting, SARS-CoV-2.

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Warning: This book proves radical new ideas and must be read with care. If you spend more than a cursory glance on this summary then it is advisable to get the hardcopy and continue reading from paper. I tend to focus my research on misconceptions that lead society away from common sense, and then I select pivots that cause crucially different points of view depending on how the argument is resolved. Such a pivot only works well if the argumentation gets proper attention.