Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014

To: claude.roosens (

From: Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus

Subject: Scientific misconduct by prof. dr. Paul de Beer

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To prof. Claude Roosens, dean of Chaire Hoover

Dear professor Roosens,

I consider it to be unavoidable to mention the scientific misconduct by prof. dr. Paul de Beer of Amsterdam. This is relevant for you, as the Hoover Chair has a basic income project and is host to BIEN and De Beer has been misinforming the participants in those places.

Below is my email in Dutch to the dean of AIAS / UvA, while my text in English is here:

At issue is what De Beer has been reporting to you and BIEN. A google search at the BIEN website gives mainly NewsFlash 30 (1998) and 45 (2007). De Beer is counted as a proponent of a basic income but also advises to put it in a "fridge" (see NewsFlash 45). Thus it is vague to me what has been happening w.r.t. you and at BIEN. However, we can take some moments in time:

- 1990-1991 when De Beer cum suis blocked a discussion of my work at the WBS in Amsterdam

- 2005 when he did not react to my analysis on the tax void and the relation to unemployment, when both he and I were speakers at a small conference in Amsterdam

- 2014 see the video of "Room for Discussion" where he should have referred to my analysis but didn't.

From this sample I infer that he must have been misinforming BIEN too.

It is fortunate that the Hoover Chair is about economic and social ethics. We may presume that you and your colleagues adhere to strong standards of ethics, including integrity in science.

In handling this issue, I plan to focus on AIAS / UvA, since Dutch universities have protocols on maintaining integrity of scientific research. However, your institute has a material interest in the research on a basic income. Thus, let me advise that you set up an independent committee of researchers with the following task:

(a) to ask De Beer to finally put on paper what his reaction is to my analysis on the tax void and approach on full employment (the book DRGTPE):

If necessary, we might use an earlier print from 1992 but this might not read as fluently:

or the original 1990 document:

(b) to check whether he has gotten the argument and doesn't misrepresent it

(c) to ask De Beer to put on paper why he hasn't reported such to BIEN in the past

(d) to collect what De Beer has been reporting to BIEN in the past and determine why it has been misleading

(e) to report on this in an open process such that others can check on what is happening here

(f) to allow me ample room to respond to misunderstandings in the process above.

I keep it short just now. I hope to hear from you that you understand that there is a problem and that it indeed would be the proper approach to set up such a kind of scientific committee.

Kind regards,

Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus

Econometrician (Groningen 1982) and teacher of mathematics (Leiden 2008)

Scheveningen, Holland

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