Works by Thomas Cool 1851-1904

Thomas Cool (Sneek 1851 - Bussum 1904) is mentioned by Christopher Wright, “Paintings in Dutch Museums”, p81. He is hardly known. A cousin is painter Thomas (Simon) Cool (1831-1870). More distant cousins are H.W. Mesdag and Lawrence Alma Tadema.

Drenths Museum has two aquarels and accepted two paintings that in the mean time still hang at home with the family. The work at Frans Hals Museum "Forum Romanum bij maanlicht"  is severly damaged by water. The work mentioned by Wright for the Boijmans - Van Beuningen actually belongs to his cousin (noted by Erik van Boxtel). Some huge paintings on Saint Peter's Cathedral were once stored in the attic of the Peace Palace in The Hague but eventually deteriorated too much, and have been destroyed. The following works may be between half and a third of what remains. (Return to former page.)


"Thermen van Caracalla" (Drents Museum)

"Sint Pieter in de dienst" ("Service in Saint Peter") (Drents Museum)

Oil painting

"Colosseum bij maanlicht" ("Colosseum in moonlight"), size 210 x 157 cm, but with the frame 255 by 205 cm (width vs height). 

Another photograph without frame and glare is here.

"Meer van Albano" ("Albano lake"), 1897.

"Nemi meer bij maan" ("Nemi lake in moonlight"). Another photograph is here.

"Interno del Dom de Milano"

"Via Sacra vanaf de Titusboog" ("Via Sacra seen from Titus' Arch")

Interieur Pantheon (300 cm hoog en 230 cm breed) (Interior Pantheon)

"Pier Pander" ("Portrait of Pier Pander") 
(Where are Pander's glasses ? Possibly it is a self-portrait if he painted himself in a mirror. 
Pander has the hair parted on the left and TC1851 to the right. 
But Pander would have a somewhat smaller nose. 
TC1851 had (steel-) blue eyes, Pander ... ?)


"Studie Forum Romanum" ("Study Forum Romanum")


"Portret van moeder" (Trijntje Eekma 1825-1853). ("Portrait of mother". As his mother died when he was about 1.5 years of age, it is not clear how he made this image. Perhaps from a photograph that does not exist anymore, or perhaps from asking his father.)

P.M. By others

"Portret van Thomas Cool" door J.H.F.C. Nachtweh ("Portrait of Thomas Cool" by Nachtweh.) (Drents Museum)

Portret van Thomas Cool door de Duitse kunstenaar Kurt Stöving. (Portrait of Thomas Cool by Stoeving.)


Portret van Thomas Cool door Johan Cohen Gosschalk. (Drents Museum) (Portrait of Thomas Cool by Johan Cohen Gosschalk. When Theo van Gogh died, his widow Jo Bonger married Cohen and moved to Bussum, at a walking distance where TC1851 lived. See Van Gogh.) 

With thanks to Tjakko Hoeve for the photographs and Jan Jacob Bruin for their processing and cadres.