Mathix and Math-x

A user friendly computer system based upon mathematics and cognitive psychology
Goal The goal is to create such a system. The following principles are adopted:
  1. the interface agrees with how the human mind works
  2. the language is a computer algebra with a natural feel of doing mathematics on the computer
  3. it is fully functional for standard tasks in mathematics - equation solving, calculations, plotting - while you can work as in an agreeable version of Open Office - editting, search, table of contents
  4. it is free software with the GNU Public License
  5. it is technically functional with a consistent interface to libraries for the various processes
  6. the system is written in that language itself, can compile itself and then is its own operating system
  7. it is secure and efficient, with hardly any scope for virusses and little need for updating
Design principles The design principles follow from mathematics and cognitive psychology (human, system, task). 
Interest groups The ideas following from cognitive psychology
The design of the language for doing mathematics on the computer
The actual technique and programming
Downloads for the system as it currently is
Issues for the organisation of