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Goal The objective of www.math-x.org is to create a user friendly computer system based upon mathematics and cognitive psychology. This computer system is called Mathix and Math-x (for different configurations)
Foundation This website www.math-x.org is devoted to both Mathix and Math-x, and is supported by Stichting HACC, The Hague, Chamber of Commerce 4115634, that is a not for profit foundation existing since 1987 with the objective "to undertake and support activities for education and fun, concerning computers, automatization and informatics, including the support of associations and institutes involved in that area". PM. Math-x.org has no involvement with Mathix.org
Copyright &
Free software
For all material on this www.math-x.org website: © Stichting HACC and put under the GNU Public License, unless a particularly relevant document contains a different copyright that is explicitly mentioned. People, organisations and companies are invited to join up with the same attitude. We follow the convention such as with W3C that also commercial companies may have an involvement e.g. with the objective to arrive at a common standard, as long as the result falls under that GNU Public License
Organisation The website is started in August 2009. The organisation eventually will have a constitution, membership, a user parliament, court and executive. The business model is: donations. Computer users who want a powerful but still friendly system that hardly needs updates and checking for virusses might grow convinced that it pays in the long run to give donations. The collected funds can be used to by up copyrights and put them into the public domain, so that individuals and companies still are stimulated to be innovative
Persons Though more people will be involved you may contact:
Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus, econometrician, http://thomascool.eu, cool /AT/ dataweb.nl
Leonard Verhoef, cognitive psychologist, http://www.humanefficiency.nl, verhoef /AT/ humanefficiency.nl
Theory While this website provides many more sources that inspired this initiative, two books can be mentioned:
- Thomas Colignatus (2009), Elegance with Substance, Dutch University Press ISBN 978 90 3610 138 7. Mathematics and its education designed for Ladies and Gentlemen. What is wrong with mathematics education and how it can be righted. On the political economy of mathematics and its education
- Leonard Verhoef (2007), Why designers can't understand their users. Developing a systematic approach using cognitive psychology, second edition, ISBN 9789080997516. This books explains why computers are user-unfriendly and how to design user-friendly computers
Donations Stichting HACC, The Hague, via Paypal at info /AT/ math-x.org or via ING Bank Account 547774, international NL38INGB000547774, BIC INGBNL2A. Mention that the donation is for math-x. Individuals are encouraged to consider donating EUR 50