Cuckoo in the Phoenix Nest

2nd edition
July 2012, ISBN 9789461933294 
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Around the year 200,000 AD, twelve year old Ar enjoys a simple happy life but suddenly is sent away into the dangerous Derjalla society where a wrong word will mean death for his family and friends. He discovers an unexpected future and responsibility. At the same time he has to find his own way in life, meet his love Alaska and deal with her. 

An overpopulated universe already caused the complete destruction of Earth, the cradle of mankind, and scheming factions are on a path towards an interstellar total war. When that universe hits on Ar, he finds his true destiny, to save mankind before it destroys him and all that he loves. 

The story is both fun and serious, both philosophical and humourous. It combines technology with theology, and romance with political science. It is both an enjoyable fairy tale and a sobering reflection on mankind as we know it. 

Acapulco Jones is the Science Fiction writing name of Thomas Cool, econometrician and teacher of mathematics in Scheveningen, Holland.

See pages 1 to 9

Reviews in Dutch: Dirk Bontes in SF Terras 2010 (on the first edition)
Jan van 't Ent in Holland SF, September 2013


The first edition was with Stichting Fantistische Vertellingen (SFV)

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