Candidate for

President of the European Union

May 20 2005 Vote No to the Constitution (Dutch)
April 16 2009: Elements of a Plan for the EU
May 31 2009: Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty
November 4 2011 This is not my Europe

The people of the European Union are invited to join the Social Liberal Forum, and thereby to create a society that will much better reflect the ideals of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

The European President must be elected by the European Parliament. 

European policy must be constrained by veto power of the Member States, so that only those measures are adopted that countries want themselves too. European policy thus is a matter of inspiration and co-ordination.

Advances in policy can be made by the power of the convincing argument. Scientific research plays a key role in this. 

Examples of scientific results are:

  • Unemployment can be solved in a decent manner.
  • We need a new system for political decision making, namely an extension of the Trias Politica with an Economic Supreme Court.
  • There are also various other ways to improve democracy, freedom and social coherence.
On these issues see my books DRGTPE and VTFD - and when you don't agree, then they would be something to discuss.

See also other issues on this website, such as on the integrity of science, specific economic issues, the environment, the use of the internet and information technology. 

Research is one thing. One must also be willing to accept responsibility. To express one's candidacy is especially important when the current situation provides ample reason to become concerned about our present political leaders.

Like Edmund Burke (who may not have understood that the French Revolution had been hijacted again) reminded us:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."