Curriculum Vitae / Résumé

June 2010
Name            Cool, Thomas
Home address    Scheveningen, The Netherlands
      , cool / AT /

Professional Positions

2009-2010       Teacher in research methods, TIO university of applied sciences
2007-2009       Mathematics teacher, IB level
2005-2006       Senior policy adviser at the Research Section of the Directorate of 
                Finance, Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao
2002-2004       Researcher at Erasmus University, now merged into Erasmus MC, on the 
                cost-effectiveness of screening programmes for the prevention of cancer
1997-2001       Teaching position in mathematics and logistics management
                International School of Economics Rotterdam (ISER) at
                Hogeschool voor Economische Studies (HES)
1995-1997       Adviser on quality of life and freight transport, Transport Research Center, 
                Ministry of Transport (AVV, V&W). Among other, manager and editor of 
                The Netherlands Freight Projections 1997-2002
1994-1995       Not affiliated. Publications, workshops, software development, thesis
1993            Independent consultant at the Anti-Fraud Unit (UCLAF) at the Secretariat 
                General of the European Commission in Brussels
1992-1993       Senior researcher at the Government Dept. of Housing, Spatial Planning and 
                Environment - DG of Government Buildings Agency.
                The projects concerned policy indicators and long run policy issues
1982-1991       Researcher at the Central Planning Bureau. First as specialist for the paper, 
                printing and publishing indrustries; later as multisector analyst for the 
                national economy. Participated in projects like Europe 1992, the 
                multisectoral model Athena, the National Environment Plan, and a survey of 
                economic prospects for 1990-2015

Other Positions

Memberships     Professional organisations KVS, RES (formerly NVMC, ESR, EEA, EAEPE, IHE)
Positions       Chairman Sociaal Liberaal Forum (SLF). 
                Secretary of the Samuel van Houten Genootschap
Past positions  Groningen Econometrics Institute council and board. University Newspaper 
                board. Board of a local section of a political party. Chairman of a local 
                section of a computer club

Other Professional Data

Bibliography    Books, congress contributions, institutional reports, newspaper articles
Computers       Proficient in Fortran, Pascal, TSP, Excel, Word for Windows, Mathematica, 
                and computers and operating systems in general
Languages       Dutch, English, German, and some French, Spanish, Italian, Papiamentu

Professional Education

Degree          Master of econometrics, Groningen University 1982
                Program: mathematics, mathematical statistics, general economics, business 
                economics, operations research, international economics, public finance, 
                econometric methods, mathematical economics, mathematical logic, 
                philosophy of science, graduation paper on lags in multisectoral models
Degree          Master in Teaching of mathematics, University of Leiden 2008


Birth           August 1954, Jakarta, Indonesia
School          Gymnasium Beta, including Spanish, 1966-72
                Foreign exchange program, Burbank Highschool, California 1972-73
Hobbies         Computers, writing, singing, gastronomy